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Dharwad Adventure Base

Its More Than A Theme Park

Dharwad Adventure Base Synonyms

Entry against bookings, All Activities are subjected to weather & availability.

New Year Party: 
One of the festivals, that brings a whole bunch of people together. Lets thank the year, and welcome the new year with DJ`s music, dance, lightings, group games and more.. Hot snacks served in cool breeze of winter in the middle of Mango grove,, around Bon fire.. Oh Boy!! Sounds so exciting.. Keeping it strictly no alcohol and no smoking makes it an ideal place for a family New Year Party place. 

Sethni Utsav – Seethni Sankranthi : 
This is one of its kind that’s being organized to gorge on one of the North-Karnataka’s delicacies, that comes exclusively between the mid December to mid January of the year. Its also called as Hurda is Maharashtra and Ponk in Gujarat. Dharwad Adventure Base takes pleasure in organizing such unique events. 

We invite you and your whole family and friends to enjoy the fresh, hot, coal roasted tender jowar in many different flavors, that’s followed by yummiest jowar snacks and dinner. Having our live traditional performances like Janapada Geethegalu, Dollinapadha, Gigipada, Hasya and Sobanpada with just take you out a different zone altogether. To get to watch our rich resources in the field of art and music. These will the scheduled separately on different dates.

Also, enjoy the adventure activities including zorbing, body zorb, rope activities, boating and rides will be available. Its an evening event followed by dinner. 

Holi Festival:
It`s hOli rE hOli at Dharwad Adventure Base!! Want to play with double damaka or escape from being attacked with colors here is the place.. A colorful invitation to make it the most memorable one every year.. The special attraction should be the fog and the rain dance with loud music.. Also the mud slash and cool pool that is irresistible under hot sun.. A frequent supply of juices and snacks will keep you energetic to enjoy your colours.. 

Sheegi Hunnime:
The picnic festival that we all associate to. To feast on the fresh harvest under the clear blue splendors sky, with the pleasant sunshine and streams flowing.. Uh!! Lets thanks the framers for their hard work and worship mother earth and hog like a Bakasura!! Come in with your folks.., and we`ll take care of the Bakasura`s menu..!! 

Other Events/ party that can be organized on request:

We take immense pleasure in making your celebrations bigger and greater.. have great ideas, but need the right place, then here it is.. Want to make a great show, but no time, here we are.. We will take care as much as you would.. Come to have a jumbo-sized fun in private space which will be customized for you for your events! 

Birthday Party:

The one day of the year that means most to you weather it`s your birthday or your close ones.. Lets make a memorable one.. You want to host an awesome birthday party without the stress, we will help you, organize just the way.. Shy to celebrate your birthday by wearing a birthday hat and blowing balloons, let us solve it for you. Come with your bunch of grown up folks, whether you in high school, college, working or just retired.., lets make do the adventurous activities that sure will have fun n fun.. So, basically the kid in us never grows.. 

Kitty Parties:

My mom`s most panicking day ever.. Hey ladies, don’t panic lets picnic!! Come host a hassle free Kitty Party where you get to enjoy as much as your guests.. Put some adventures in the regular gatherings.. Relax, chill in the pool with all the privacy you need to keep the gossips safeJ Feel like one of those college days.. 

School Picnic:

School kids will surely have an adventurous time along with some life skill learnings, as these are the same activities used for corporate trainings. Food, snacks, juices will all the taken care.

The dreaming and preparations start from the time they announce school picnic. The beautiful stage that we have all gone through.. Lets make the children`s picnic the most memorable one, like the way we have our favorite school outings, that brings a smile any day.. Lets refresh the routine of kids and teachers making them more energetic. 


Wedlock that we are all locked with that one special person we want to grow old with. And that one special day when we get locked is when we feel just out of the world. The decorations, food, rituals, family, friends and us will all be focused in making it big and grand.

Let`s celebrate it in the middle of mongo groove. You have ample space to design and carry out just the way you want to. 

Cooperate Meetings:

We have dedicated meeting room with necessary technology for corporate presentations. The meetings held at Base will definitely have an added advantage of clubbing work with adventure are fun.. the location gets an extra point, as it at the center for the north Karnakata region, making it ideal for folks from other places. 

Out Bound Training:

Enough of talking, let`s get into some action now! Is the mantra these days, and when we have an experiential learning, it stays for life. Outbound training is renowned as “The World’s most effective and lively classroom” Once that, then the development and growth becomes the byproduct like team spirit, leadership qualities and personality development. Working towards getting the team on the same page.

Our Base, is the ideal place for a reflective informal environment surrounded by nature and tranquility, paving the way for a complete and effective learning process.

*Jain Food Available on Request | * Entry against bookings All Activities are subjected to weather & availability.

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