Dharwad Adventure Base

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Open 365 Days - 11 am - 5:30 pm

Dharwad Adventure Base

Its More Than A Theme Park

Dharwad Adventure Base Activities

Water Based Activities

Swimming Pool – Enjoy music, dance, play, relax and laze around the enclosed swimming pool. Amenities – Changing rooms, shower area, poolside snacks.

Kids Pool – is adjacent to the big pool, so that it can be easily monitored by the parents.

Mud games – Play group games, soak in the mud slush or pamper yourself with a mud pack.We use yellow clay, a soft earthy matter which does not stain clothes. It is totally organic and easily washable and actually quite good for the skin.

Soap football -The concept originates from Brazil, a country famous for its love of football.Imagine a giant football pitch, filled with soapy water, where the goal of the game is to slip and slide while also attempting to score a goal! It’s all the madness of football, minus the competitiveness, which really enhances the fun-factor.

Rain Dance – Chill out under the rain spray, sway to the music or just relax and enjoy the soothing experience.

Boating – A leisure activity of rowing your own boat and test your endurance. Test your friends and family and see who is the fastest !

Rides Activities

Horse Ride – Enjoy the horse ride around the garden. Mount on one of nature`s finest creations and enjoy the feeling of Royalty.Nature’s finest animal

Bullock Cart Ride – Relive the golden days and Ride the Bullock cart , Take a round to explore the mango orchid. You can also try your hand at the bullock cart & enjoy the hands-on feel in one of the most traditionally popular mode of transports and it is one of the most sustainable.If you are lucky you might just spot a peacock or two !

Buffalo Ride – Dust off the city and get into our country avatar, hop onto the trained buffalo and get a ride.. Would you have ever done this before??.

Tractor drive – Drive the Tractor in the farm & experience the farming views.

Rope Activities

Rope Activities – Constructed from Poles, cable and ropes, Over 20 types of rope activities that have been designed with a desire to encourage all age groups to have a great experience. Designed and planned with great care, there are special rope activities for the little ones.
They might look simple, but it’s all about the balance and believe it or not you really need to plan your strategy if you want to finish the entire course in record time. A perfect challenge for the entire family and friends of all ages.

Zip line crossing – A unique experience on the zip line will give you fun & thrill.. you should just do it!!

Other Activities

Zorb, Body Zorb, Maze / Bhul bhulya/Chakraviewva, Artificial rock climbing, Nature Walk, Bird Watching, Team building Games, Karaoke

Zorb – A sport of rolling downhill inside an orb (two people harnessed inside) made of transparent TPU, rolling downhill on a gentle slope and or running inside the Zorb

Body Zorb – A sport of playing by wearing an inflated transparent ball, which covers the upper part of the body and head. You can play in various variations with a bunch of people which is bound to excite enthusiasts. Try and make it more exciting by trying to play a football game while encased in our Zorbs, an experience you will not forget !

Maze / Bhul bhulya/Chakraviewva –  Get lost in the huge Maze under the Mango/Kaju orchard , Find out your way using your sense of direction, Put those navigation skills to work and may the best man/woman win ! Artificial rock climbing – Climb the rocks & slide from the other side .
Nature Walk – Walk around the nature beautiful Mango & Kaju Orchard with rose garden , to help young and old experience & promote awareness of the environment . We encourage the conservation of nature in all its aspects & enhance skills through outdoor education .

Bird Watching – We have wide varieties of bird / Love birds like ducks , Turkey , Guinea fowl , poultry hens , Chicken , Naked neck hen & Also Rabbits .

Team building Games – Such as Acid River an Outdoor open activity to warm up the group . It requires people to get into each others personal spaces which helps open them up & begin to connect with each other quickly .

Karaoke – Dreamt of being a rock star? Love singing in the shower? Let your singing skills out and enjoy yourself !

 A musical entertainment, providing you the background music of most favorite songs followed by the lyrics on a video screen. An amazing choice for music lovers.

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