* Prior notice: Entry against bookings, All Activities are subjected to weather & availability.

Water Based Activities

Swimming Pool :
Enjoy music, dance, play, relax and laze around the enclosed swimming pool. (Only one group allowed at a time)

Amenities :
Changing rooms, shower area, poolside snacks.

Kids Pool :
is adjacent to the big pool, so that it can be easily monitored by the parents.

Mud games :
Play group games, soak in the mud slush or pamper yourself with a mud pack.We use yellow clay, a soft earthy matter which does not stain clothes. It is totally organic and easily washable and actually quite good for the skin.

Soap football :
The concept originates from Brazil, a country famous for its love of football.Imagine a giant football pitch, filled with soapy water, where the goal of the game is to slip and slide while also attempting to score a goal! It’s all the madness of football, minus the competitiveness, which really enhances the fun-factor.

Rain Dance :
Chill out under the rain spray, sway to the music or just relax and enjoy the soothing experience.

Boating :
A leisure activity of rowing your own boat and test your endurance. Test your friends and family and see who is the fastest !

Enjoy with plenty of water games

Swimming Pool
Kids Pool
Mud games
Rain Dance

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