* Prior notice: Entry against bookings, All Activities are subjected to weather & availability.

 Other activities

Zorb :
A sport of rolling downhill inside an orb (two people harnessed inside) made of transparent TPU, rolling downhill on a gentle slope and or running inside the Zorb

Body Zorb :
A sport of playing by wearing an inflated transparent ball, which covers the upper part of the body and head. You can play in various variations with a bunch of people which is bound to excite enthusiasts.

Try and make it more exciting by trying to play a football game while encased in our Zorbs, an experience you will not forget !

Maze / Bhul bhulya/Chakraviewva :
 Get lost in the huge Maze under the Mango/Kaju orchard , Find out your way using your sense of direction, Put those navigation skills to work and may the best man/woman win !

Artificial rock climbing :
Climb the rocks & slide from the other side .

Nature Walk :
Walk around the nature beautiful Mango & Kaju Orchard with rose garden , to help young and old experience & promote awareness of the environment . We encourage the conservation of nature in all its aspects & enhance skills through outdoor education .

Bird Watching :
We have wide varieties of bird / Love birds like ducks , Turkey , Guinea fowl , poultry hens , Chicken , Naked neck hen & Also Rabbits .

Team building Games :
Such as Acid River an Outdoor open activity to warm up the group . It requires people to get into each others personal spaces which helps open them up & begin to connect with each other quickly .

Karaoke :
Dreamt of being a rock star? Love singing in the shower? Let your singing skills out and enjoy yourself !

 A musical entertainment, providing you the background music of most favorite songs followed by the lyrics on a video screen. An amazing choice for music lovers.

dharwad adventure base pure veg and no alcohol

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